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How to Design a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

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modern farmhouse kitchen

With modern farmhouse kitchens becoming so popular as a kitchen design trend, a quaint and cozy home in the country can be anywhere at all - and with no shortage of luxury!

This charming style of interior design has blossomed with the popularity of farmhouse sinks into the perfect blend of rustic and luxurious. The ease with which the rural aesthetics blend seamlessly with a modern sense of sophistication leave no wonder as to what makes this trend a winner. Like the sinks themselves, modern farmhouse style is built to last.

Here are some helpful tips and ideas on how to design a modern farmhouse kitchen.

Rustic Meets Refined

modern farmhouse style

Aside from the obvious sinks, one of the first things we often think of when imagining a farmhouse design is natural wood. If done with an expert eye for quality, reclaimed and upcycled wood from true rural settings are lovely additions when creating modern kitchens.

Fortunately, many modern brands are offering new equivalents when it comes to cabinet finishes and other furnishings. On the other hand, cabinetry is a great place to add your modern touch. Still, it’s hard to beat the beauty of a well-placed barn rafter.

To set off the kitchen in a modern style, use streamlined metal fixtures and appliances with comfortable, minimalist qualities. Add an industrial feeling with lighting, island bar stools, kitchen ventilation, and other accents as sleek compliments to shaker cabinets and marble countertops. After all, what would a modern kitchen be without a little luxury?

Cabinets and Colors

cabinets and colors

Keep your colors natural, simple, and traditional, with a touch of contemporary sleek and shine. Earth-tones work incredibly well when juxtaposed with stainless steel and other metals. White will be the choice canvas for your modern farmhouse kitchen.

Therefore, try using white as a background with a great deal of respect for the blank space it provides. Glass door cabinets are very much in line with antique farmhouse vibes. Open shelving and large pantries are also key components for a modern farmhouse kitchen design.

When thinking about adding any splashes of the more vibrant colors: think muted turquoise, a little pale pink, sky blue, or sunflower yellow - especially if a dash of shabby chic is desired.

Dark cabinetry in a modern farmhouse kitchen can yield lovely results when paired with a light background, earth tones, and metallic finishes.

Lighting the Lamps

modern farmhouse lighting

Lighting is everything in a modern kitchen. For modern farmhouse lighting, set the mood with softness, try to echo the glow of pre-electric lamps and candles with adjustable settings for ease of use. Antique-style bulbs and hanging fixtures are a wonderful way to add those industrial accents to a cozy farmhouse kitchen.

Think wrought iron lantern frames and Thomas Edison. Copper is the perfect color for this style, as it works so well when combined with combinations in design styles.

Remember to keep a modern spin on things. Don't be afraid to get a little funky. Use technology to provide adjustable lighting for utility and practicality.

Bringing It All Back Home: The Farmhouse Sink

farmhouse sink

The obvious necessity to complete any kitchen in this style is the farmhouse sink. With such a glorious comeback in the modern age, there are so many brands to choose from. Traditionally, these sinks are made from natural materials such as porcelain or fireclay.

Nowadays you can find them made of almost anything from stainless steel and copper to marble, stone, and composites. What makes a farmhouse sink is the inclusion of an apron front coupled with a deep basin, traditionally set into the countertop.

But with so many modern varieties and options, there’s always something there for everyone. Manufacturers like BLANCO offer a wide range of farmhouse sinks, from traditional to modern and everything in between.

When old meets new in a skillful and streamlined way, magic happens. Combine the tips in this article with a modern interior design software solution to make your modern farmhouse kitchen designs come to life.

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