How to Create a Mood Board – 5 Inspiring Tips

How to Create a Mood Board – 5 Inspiring Tips

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How to Create a Mood Board

Mood boards are a highly effective tool for expressing your creative concepts. They help establish a connection between you and the client through a mutual understanding of taste. You have a vision, and your client wants to see it. Knowing how to create a mood board will help you translate that vision into an eye-catching statement.

Whether you’re pitching schemes for a kitchenbathroom or professional environment, it starts with an idea. Before you design a liveable and efficient space, you’ll need to set the tone. Your goal is to give a tangible expression of the atmosphere you plan to create. 

Here are 5 great tips to help you bring your ideas to life. 

Start With a Stunning Centerpiece

Start with a stunning centerpiece
Find an image that encapsulates your dream. One picture displaying the essence of your aesthetic is a great jumping off point for the rest of your creation. Allow surrounding images to compliment your centerpiece, and move outward. 

Choose Your Medium and Concentrate Your Style

Apps like Pinterest are a great way to brainstorm your project. Take a look through posts you’ve liked in the past, where you’ve been curating your taste all along. Photoshop is very popular and effective for creating your final presentation. For a low-budget option, Canva offers an online creation tool that is free and easy to navigate. 

Find That Sweet Spot Between Simple and Cluttered

Once you get going, you may end up inspired by more images than you need. When in doubt, it’s best to keep it simple, but awkward blank space can hinder you as well. Make sure your images don’t overlap too much. Avoid interfering angles imposing on the flow and beauty of your presentation. Let the borders, colors and concepts merge and flow naturally, the way you see them in your mind. 

Paint a Portrait of Your Inspiration

Portrait of Inspiration

You’re not making a catalogue, so if you plan on including fixtures and furnishings, set them off with something more abstract. Color-coordinated patterns and textures are great for this. Nature-inspired biophilic design is in style this year, especially in the office and the bathroom. Incorporate calming wood grains, chic marble patterns and dazzling plantlife. Take your phone out in the world and photograph the sights that set your sense of beauty alight. Don’t just build a room, use this opportunity to express the artistic integrity of your vision. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Offline

It’s smart to have more than one offering on hand. Alongside your digital creations, a traditional mood board makes a lasting impression. A large foam board will work. Use adhesive spray for fabrics, photographs, magazine clippings and swatches. If you’re meeting with potential clients in person, having something physical and textured can be a real game changer. 

Talk to your clients to find out what catches their eye. Incorporate their dream into yours to make a solid connection that will close the deal and sew productive harmony throughout the days to come. 

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