Kitchen Trends 2021

Kitchen Trends 2021 – A New Birth of Beauty

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Kitchen trends for 2021 include a variety of uplifting themes to showcase creativity, the beauty of the home, and what we love so much about being interior designers.

We are all of us searching for optimism in this new year of 2021. A glimmer of hope, the brightness of a new day. As leaders in the industry of kitchen and bath design software, we can’t think of a better way to look on the bright side than to immerse ourselves in some of the lovely new kitchen design trends that promise to make this year truly shine.

Splashes of Brilliant Color

One of the best ways to create visual joy is in color. We’ll see more bright colors and creative pairings this year, with accents that pop out from neutral backgrounds as well as boldly painted walls and cabinets. We’ll see daring color schemes for ranges, range hoods, and other appliances as well. We'll see more decorative ceilings and lighting arrangements. The key aspect of how we use color moving forward will lie with a greater focus on the homeowners’ individual tastes and freedom of expression.

Tiles and Textures

Tilework is seeing a huge resurgence in kitchen trends, especially artisan and handcrafted work. Textures will dominate our finishes, with luxurious marble and rustic wood giving a vibrant, emotional feel to surfaces and fixtures. Expect to see more terracotta and handmade tilework, with color schemes ranging from calming neutrality to passionate mosaic rainbows.

Multifunctional to the Max

Staying in place has prompted many homeowners to rethink their levels of comfort and functionality in the home. Combining the practical function of the kitchen with comfort to promote family socializing and entertainment has given designers a new outlook on the base concept of a kitchen. We’ll see more wine bars, workspaces, breakfast nooks, and outdoor kitchens, as well as multifunctional spaces for a centralized hub of household activity. Laundry and hobby areas may become integrated within larger scale kitchens, along with additional storage and utility rooms that harken back to the days of large, self-sustaining households.

Vintage Craftwork, Hidden Smart Tech

hidden range hood

Our love for all things vintage and a tastefully recycled artisan style will continue to be on the rise, combined with technology to create a truly harmonious blend of old and new. This “best of both worlds” factor will dominate many areas of interior design trends, along with a continued trend of sleek and stylish modern and contemporary design. In both scenarios, homeowners want appliances to blend seamlessly with the Feng Shui of the kitchen, and designers are achieving this with unobtrusive, luxury appliances and remote capabilities.

Accessible, Individual, Organized, Luxurious

curated kitchen

Curated functionality is a focal point of modern style. We’ll see chic cookware organization, walk-in larders with a focus on color and beauty in utility areas like never before. The new modern home will be a delightful combination of artistic taste and capability. Decorated and decisive, pretty and practical; a well-stocked, purposeful workshop with all the elegance and aesthetic harmony of a fine arts museum.

Luxurious kitchens will dominate the trending design goals of today and tomorrow. After a full year of forced “at-home” time, homeowners want to surround themselves with the best possible amenities for enjoyment, relaxation, entertaining, and healthy living.

Homeowners have more access than ever before to new ideas and aesthetics. This inclusive world of inspiration stems from the growth and prominence of online inspiration through social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, as well as a huge selection of home improvement and design television.

Never have so many of the general population had their fingers so acutely placed upon the pulse of style, trends, DIY values, self-sustainability, eco-friendly living, and a unique combination of utilitarian and aesthetic value in interior design. Never have so many people known so much about the dreams they wish to see made a reality in their living spaces. With the combination of these new kitchen trends and design software reaching all new heights, the stage is set for the modern kitchen and bath designer to create that reality. The field is sewn and ripe for a bountiful creative harvest.

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As designers, it is important to always be up to date with the latest interior design trends. Knowing and understanding trends, what influences these and how to apply them to your next design is crucial to your success as a designer.

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