Five Ways to Make Your Bid Stand out from Your Competitors

5 Ways to Make Your Bid Stand Out from Your Competitors

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5 Ways to Make Your Bid Stand Out from Your Competitors

Most of your potential customers will shop around before they hire the right person for the job. 

They’ll compare prices, services offered, and quality of work before they make a decision, which makes it harder for your bid to stand out.  

So how do you convince your potential customers to sign you on instead of your competition? What have you got to offer that they don’t? 

Here are 5 easy ways to make your bid stand out from your competitors.

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1. Provide testimonials

Provide testimonials

One of the best ways to make your bid stand out is to provide your potential customers with testimonials. 

The more you can show them that you’ve had successful projects and happy clients in the past, the easier it will be for them to trust your work. Customer testimonials are very powerful when it comes to selling your services, so collect as many as you can to use as a tool for your future clients. 

Don’t be afraid to contact previous customers and ask them for a review. Most clients who are satisfied with your work will gladly provide a testimonial.

2. Showcase portfolio

Showcase portfolio

Not only can you use testimonials, you can also use your portfolio to impress your future clients. 

Your portfolio should consist of before & after pictures, beautiful images of spaces you’ve designed or remodeled, and high-quality renderings you’ve generated using your interior design software. 

You can either have a printed version of your portfolio to show your potential customers, or you can have a fully digital version. A digital version will be easier to share with them should they want to view them at home, plus having a professional digital portfolio is always impressive.

3. Include a guarantee of your work

Include a guarantee of your work

If you really want your client to trust you and sign you on, you should include a guarantee of your work in your contract. 

If you’re a remodeler, you can guarantee that all parts and labor performed are covered for a year. Some states require companies to carry limited time warranties by law, but you can extend the warranty if you’re confident in your work. 

If you’re an interior designer, you can also look into including a guarantee in your contract on certain services you offer such as design modifications. Guarantees make potential clients trust the quality of your work, making your bid stand out from your competitors.

4. Show off your expertise

Show off your expertise

If you have any accreditations or if you have specific degrees and certification, now is the time to flaunt them. 

You can tell your potential customers about all the training and schooling you’ve gone through, reassuring them that you have the proper knowledge and expertise to offer them the best quality service out there. 

If you’ve got a team working with you, you can inform your future clients about how you only hire skilled labor and how qualified your workers are. They’ll appreciate knowing that their home will be in good hands.

5. Explain your workflow

Explain your workflow

If you want your bid to stand out from your competitors, you can go as far as explaining your workflow to your potential customers. 

Explain to them who will be involved in the process, how everything works, how long processes will take, and when you expect to deliver the final product. 

People like being involved in their home projects, and they appreciate it when you keep them in the loop. They also appreciate a quick response to their questions and concerns, which will reassure them that you’ll deliver their project on time, too.

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