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Five Retail Marketing Strategies to Capture More Leads Online

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Retail marketing for kitchen and bath retailers

Capturing new leads online isn’t always easy, especially in the realm of kitchen and bath retail. Competition is fierce and customers have more online retail options to choose from than ever before to make their remodeling dream a reality. 
That’s why implementing retail marketing strategies specifically designed for your business is of utmost importance. There are a variety of tactics you can use to capture more leads online—here are 5 marketing strategies that are proven to work for kitchen and bath retailers.  

5 retail marketing strategies to capture more leads online

1. Showcase your best projects

As a kitchen and bathroom specialist, you should have an array of successful projects you can showcase on your website. Choose some of the most popular and most striking designs you’ve got at your disposal and make sure you highlight them on your website, perhaps in the form of an image carousel or slideshow. Beautiful designs will inspire customers who are browsing your website and might entice them to book a consultation with a professional or make a purchase online.

2. Publish blog posts

Publishing blogs is one of the best retail marketing strategies you can use to capture organic leads. By posting relevant, industry-specific content regularly and using the right keywords to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) game, your website will start appearing more often during Google searches. This will drive more traffic, and therefore more potential clients, to your website—for free!

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3. Engage on social media

Social media is used by nearly one-third of the world, and if your business isn’t utilizing its power, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to capture leads online. Social media marketing allows you to increase brand awareness, direct traffic to your website, inspire both existing and potential customers, share your blogs, highlight good reviews, offer promotions, and encourage people to eventually visit your store in-person.

4. Implement online 3D design tool

Arguably the most powerful way you can capture more leads is giving your website visitors the opportunity to start their design journey online through a kitchen or bathroom 3D design tool. By being able to play around with an online visualizer, they can get excited about their project and see what your products (cabinetry, countertops, etc.) would look like in their space. This also gives users a chance to book a meeting with a professional designer or sales rep if they have questions or want to make a purchase.

5. Include testimonials & reviews

Your happy customers are your biggest assets. If you’ve received stellar feedback from a customer, ask them if you can publish it on your website. Give clients an opportunity to leave reviews so you can use the best ones as part of your retail marketing strategy. As mentioned earlier, you can also highlight reviews and testimonials via your social media channels to reassure and encourage potential customers to move forward with a purchase.

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