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Resimercial Design in the Modern Workplace

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Resimercial design in the modern workplace

The employees of today have very different expectations for office design and amenities than they did a decade ago. It takes more to keep employees loyal long term, but these changes are known to have a positive effect on their performance and their overall level of satisfaction. 

Both employers and office designers are going to have to work together to meet the expectations and needs of today’s workforce, and a great way to do that is to adopt resimercial design concepts in offices. 

But what is resimercial design anyway? And how can you achieve it? 

Here you’ll learn all about resimercial design and how you can apply it to your office designs in order to keep employees happy, productive, and loyal. 

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What is resimercial design?

What is resimercial design

To put it simply, resimercial design focuses on making an office space feel homier and more comfortable. It’s the marriage of residential and commercial design, hence the naming. 

Instead of designing a space that is stark and severe, you’ll have to incorporate residential-inspired furniture items and accessories combined with corporate furnishings. Employees spend 40+ hours at work five days out of the week, and it’s important to offer them a workspace that is warm and inviting to keep them motivated throughout the day. 

How to use resimercial design?

How to use resimercial design

In order to achieve resimercial design, you have to strike a balance between comfort and functional work furnishings. You can create different sections in an office for different needs. For example, a soundproofed area for quick meetings or phone calls, a comfortable boardroom for larger meetings and presentations, café-style booths where employees can migrate to throughout the day, etc. 

You should also focus on collaborative spaces where employees can get together to work on a project. You can use sofas, armchairs, collaborative office furniture, and other design concepts to create a space that encourages teamwork, boosts productivity, and provides comfort all at once. 

What are the benefits of resimercial design?

Benefits of resimercial design

The main benefits of resimercial design is to encourage employees to be more engaged while at work. Today’s employees, especially millennials and Gen zers, have higher standards and demands when it comes to choosing their place of work, and for good reason. 

Comfortable employees result in happier, and therefore more productive and creative, employees. This, in turn, results in employee retention. A competitive salary is no longer the sole factor for new employees; people are now expecting many more benefits, the biggest contender being the overall work environment, which is why designing a wholesome and well-balanced workspace is very important.

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