Retail trends 2021

Retail Trends 2021 – The Future of Furniture Shopping

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Retail trends 2021

Retail trends for 2021 and beyond will continue to focus on digital transformation and an omnichannel shopping experience.

For anyone who has yet to enter the digital age, online consumer engagement is something to immediately become familiar with. At the beginning of a new decade, omnichannel retail continues its statistical skyward flight. Online shoppers crave an interactive experiencwith a diversity of options.  

The advantages of offering a consumer-facing platform for engagement, seamlessly integrated into the buying journey from inspiration to point of sale, are not only clear and present: they are self-evident. 

In this article, we’ll explore the latest developments in retail trends for the furniture industry, taking a specific look at the rise of eCommerce and web-based consumer engagement. 

The new normal isn’t going anywhere

The impacts of COVID-19 on the retail industry will remain longstanding, even when, and if, some other things return to normal. The shift toward an omnichannel buying journey was apparent long before the pandemic forced a moment of crisis on the market.  

Online browsing, crowd sourcing, and interactive shopping are being driven by our society’s digital obsession. This means, no matter what the industry or where the sales are madean online presence has become essential. 

Retail Cannot Live on Brick and Mortar Alone

While online purchases continue their increase at a steady rate (research predicts almost 20% of all furniture purchases will be made online by 2022), the physical showroom has still retained its importance in furniture retail. But, when combined with online shopping to create an integrated omnichannel buying journey, retailers see critical advantages by offering the best of both worlds. 

Personalized Experiences

The transition toward omnichannel shopping has allowed everyday consumers the personal customer experience previously found in only the high-end retail establishments. With modern-day online engagement tools, retailers can offer their potential customers not only just an inspiring experience; they offer them the personal attention that will guide them to the point of sale.


Augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are past the point of being viewed as fancy fads. Just as high-quality digital renderings have become essential for interior designers, consumer-facing online space planning software will become essential for the home improvement retail industry. By allowing potential customers to experience first-hand what their space will look like, without ever leaving the comfort of their homes, modern technology gives businesses a huge advantage in the digital age. 


The rise of social media has opened many doors to the modern consumer. Influencers, inspiration, and the importance of DIY and hands-on involvement have flourished in the past decade. Naturally, these trends will continue to gain strength as, more and more, we become a digitally connected society. 

The younger generation has gained its foothold as homeowners. They are comfortable with things like apps, VR, and Mobile POS to the point of expertise. This, in combination with their love for all things interactive, their diverse range of tastes, and their desire for DIY dream-building via their online devices, will make a huge and lasting impact on the industry of retail furniture and home improvement. 


The future of furniture shopping will be inseparably tied to digital transformation. The modern consumers’ expectations of inspiration, convenience, and involvement demands an interactive, omnichannel shopping platform.

But the buck does not stop there. The true beauty of online consumer engagement software, from a retailer’s point of view, is the integration that allows businesses to gain critical insight on consumer behavior (exponentially increasing marketing knowledge as well as sales) all without a single interruption in the seamless consumer journey, from the first look to the final purchase.

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