Why wall murals are trending in Office Design

Why Wall Murals Are Trending in Office Design

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Why wall murals are trending in office design

Guest post by Joe Robison from Coastal Creative

Think of your office walls as a blank canvas: the possibilities for filling them are endless. One such possibility for utilizing wall space is all the rage among many of the biggest names in tech. Office wall murals can be found all over the campuses of tech giants like SpotifyAirbnb, and Google 

The wall murals commissioned by tech all-stars like these tend to have a lot of modern edge. Often drawing inspiration from street graffiti, these designs look immediately at home in the urban metropolises where tech talent tends to concentrate.

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But don’t be fooled by the hip, young feel. Wall murals are an ancient form of art. From prehistoric cave paintings to the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, wall murals have been a visual storytelling medium since before the beginning of time. It may be easy to brush office wall murals off as a trend when so many tech companies seem to favor them, but really they are just the latest reiteration of one of the oldest forms of artwork in human history.

There is good reason for both the staying power and modern resurgence of wall murals. Wall murals, when done well, are not only highly attractive, they are also an endlessly versatile and efficient way to decorate a space.

Tech companies may be, as they often are, the most high-profile trendsetters in making office wall murals a sweeping phenomenon. But there are plenty of compelling reasons that make wall murals an excellent design choice for smaller offices and businesses of all industries.

If you have an office design or renovation on the horizon, here are 8 reasons you should consider including at least one mural in your workspace.

1. Wall murals instantly energize a space

If you could make just one change to your office decor in order to make the biggest improvement, add a wall mural. An open office floor plan; a cluster of computer desks; a cramped and windowless conference room; an otherwise drab hallway. Each of these spaces could be dramatically improved with the simple addition of a wall mural. Wall murals boost the energy of a space by adding dynamic visual interest.  

2. Wall murals maximize space

Don’t have a lot of room in your office for decorations? If you have bare walls, you have room for a mural. Wall murals don’t require any floor space. They don’t block traffic, electrical outlets, wifi signals, or natural lighting. In the case that you have the opposite problem of too much empty space, wall murals can also make an empty space feel more intentional.  

Wall mural in office

3. Wall murals showcase your brand

Elaborate murals have throughout history been used to tell stories (think frescoes in cathedrals) and as a marker of identity (think street graffiti). For this reason, a wall mural is the perfect tool for making a statement about your brand. By creatively depicting your company colors, brand imagery, and corporate values, a prominently featured office wall mural can serve as a daily reminder of your company mission and bring your company culture to life.

4. Wall murals can boost employee satisfaction and productivity

Because many of us spend upwards of 40 hours per week in offices, it should come as no surprise that people prefer to work in a space that is attractive, comfortable, and well-decorated. Numerous studies link thoughtful workplace design and the presence of artwork to higher rates of productivity and employee satisfaction. Wall murals can play a role in improving the overall feel of your office space, which contributes to a happier and more productive workforce.

wall murals book productivity

5. Wall murals can help you recruit talent

Beyond serving as a daily source of motivation for your workforce, an attractive office wall mural can also give potential hires warm feelings about your company. When a wall mural is both attractive and shows that your company has a clear sense of brand identity, it could make a positive impression on talent that you are trying to recruit. 

6. Wall murals are low maintenance

After you’ve designed and installed your office wall mural, your work is done. Unlike plants, wall murals won’t die if no one waters them. Unlike cushions and lounges, they won’t become quickly stained and worn out. Unlike hanging art or sculptures, they don’t need to be dusted. And unlike the office breakroom foosball table, they won’t trigger rivalries among your employees.

Low maintenance wall murals

7. Wall murals are growth-friendly

You may have to scrap some office lounge furniture to make room for new employees after a round of rapid hiring. But an office wall mural makes for a permanent and unimposing fixture that can stay put even as your workforce grows and furniture gets rearranged.

8. Wall murals can be anything. Anything!

If you can dream it, you can illustrate it in a wall mural. Whether you want an über-modern, edgy design or a tasteful, subtle piece, there is no workplace too conservative to reap the benefits of an office wall mural. If you want to learn more about wall murals in office spaces, check out the infographic from Coastal Creative that showcases a wide range of stylish office wall mural ideas that forward-thinking companies are using to create effective and inspiring workplaces.

Low maintenance wall murals

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