Kitchen and Bath Trends – A Fresh Look at the Future

Kitchen and Bath Trends – A Fresh Look at the Future

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kitchen and bath trends

Kitchen and bath trends are evolving with the rest of the design world to rejuvenate spaces and bring some new beauty, creativity and practicality to the home as the year continues.

At the end of each passing year, the design community sets its sights on the upcoming kitchen and bath trends of the future. There have been many changes in the world throughout the first half of 2020. Because of this, there have been new opportunities to explore ideas and concepts for remodeling the home. As so much of life has had to be revisited, we thought it only proper to revisit the 2020 kitchen and bath trends.

Here are some of the new and in some cases unexpected interior design trends for the kitchen and bathroom.

Room to Relax

room to relax

With much of the population spending more and more time in the home, we want to create a truly comfortable and enjoyable sanctuary for ourselves and our families. Well, perhaps even a little bit of sanctuary from our families.

Larger bathrooms will provide that sense of escape that people could normally experience at a day spa. We’ll see saunas, large bathtubs, and powder rooms as well as comfortable seating and relaxing lighting. Bathrooms will be more equipped for in-home beauty treatments with large vanities and mirrors.

The kitchen has become a place to exist far more commonly than before. Many of us work there now. Comfort, space and livability will all come into the forefront when designing the modern kitchen, This means more counter space, more casual seating areas and a new focus on combinations of mood and utility lighting.

Look, No Hands!

touchless faucets

Touchless technology will be a huge part of the new normal of kitchen and bath design. Hands-free faucets allow for reduced contact with surfaces and provide a healthier environment and peace of mind. Also, touchless faucets help save water by shutting off when not in use.

Check out BLANCO, one of the many manufacturers featured in our design catalogs, for a look at some touchless faucets for the kitchen.

Dining In

dining rooms
The desirability of a dining room had been lagging until we all started eating at home again. We’ll see more homeowners including the dining room in their plans from here on out. Within the popularity of open kitchen plans and outdoor kitchens, the dining room has a new chance to shine.

Portrait of the Kitchen as a Sustainable Bakery


More focus is being given to sustainability in kitchen and bath design than ever before. People who had never thought once about their dependence on global trade and mass-production have felt the impact of a supply chain stretched thin. Grocery stores have had to limit purchases and shelves have lain empty for weeks.

While we’ve already seen a huge rise in preference for environmentally-friendly materials, minimized carbon footprints and a more earthy, naturalistic style in design, we can also expect more thought to be given to sustainability as a practical everyday part of the home. This includes things like indoor herb and vegetable gardens, hydroponics in the kitchen, and larger meal-prep areas. #Breadmaking.

Trending Toward the Future

interior design trends

As the earth turns gently on the axis, our moods and inspirations turn and revolve as well. Interior design trends change and grow within our creative ideas, as well as within our community and industry as a whole. Technology has become one of the most unique new additions to the trends of design. Other aspects such as farmhouse sinks and industrial surfaces are making their well-deserved way again through the loop of our attention. Old classics return and give us comfort. New additions will arrive and climb aboard this great metaphorical ferris wheel to make their mark upon the designs of the future.

The past decade has seen many new developments as well as a great increase in nostalgic rejuvenation. With the new decade beginning, the interior design community finds new trends to build upon. This includes new technology to utilize, new ways of thinking, and new tools to help realize our inspirations. As a part of this community, 2020 Spaces is constantly working on providing designers with the best solutions available.

There will always be changes for interior design trends; in the kitchen, in the bathroom, at the office and everywhere else we build. We as humans are inspirational by nature. We’ll always be thinking of new ways to be creative and practical, and we’ll always find exciting ways to revisit our favorite trends of the past. Stay tuned with our 2020 Blog for more exciting news, trends, and information.

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