Integrated ERP solution for Architectural Millwork

Integrated ERP solution for Architectural Millwork

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Integrated ERP Solution for Architectural Millwork

As technology advances so does the speed of business. Being able to manage a project from start to finish within one system, including the bidding process, project manage through to installation, can have a powerful impact on productivity and margins. Until recently, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions didn’t have the capability to bring all the aspects of the project together in one system, but with new innovations architectural millwork companies now have more solutions available to help streamline their business processes.

Today, architectural millwork companies need to bid quickly and efficiently, and in order to ensure their profits they need to be able to manage change confidently. While there are many estimating tools and project management solutions available which do provide the functionality needed for their respective task, there is a disconnect when moving from one stage to the next which leave a risk for error.

One data source

Have you ever played the game ‘operator’ where a person whispers a simple phrase to another person and by the time the message has been passed to the last person it has somehow changed? Humans aren’t perfect and if we pass information manually there is a chance for error. Project management is all about cost and time—estimating the cost accurately, adhering to the time schedule and working efficiently. Having the tools in place to ensure this process runs smoothly and that data flows from the first stage to the last accurately is crucial to ensure a project not only runs smoothly but also to maximize profits. Using an ERP which includes project management functionalities means having one system in place for the whole company. One system means one data source, which is a strong basis for working efficiently and reaching the agreed project targets.

Increase efficiency

ERP Solution for the Architectural Millwork Industry: Increase efficiency

In order to win a project, architectural woodworkers have to submit offers including detailed cost estimates often within a structure dictated by the potential customer. This is a lot of work. Once they win the project, this structure is very helpful in order to have a transparency between oneself and the customer. With a good ERP solution that includes project management, the estimates can be easily provided based on the experience of the past estimates and offers can be automatically converted into orders and projects. This saves time and reduces errors caused through manual entry.

Big projects especially tend to change over time. Changes mean work for the architectural woodworker, as everything—offers, orders, production schedules, project plans—need to be adjusted. Having everything in one system helps to minimize the workload for change adaptions. One should not underestimate the time saving potential. In addition, the company becomes much faster in responses which increases operational merit.

Meeting time and cost targets

ERP Solution for the Architectural Millwork Industry: Meeting time and cost targets

Architectural woodworkers need to have visibility on the current time and costs status including engineering resources and customer service contacts. Using one data source for business processes and projects allows for easy data access for the whole process. Receiving alerts of any potential problems in an early phase allows for corrective actions to be taken, increasing the likelihood of meeting the agreed timeframe and cost target.

A good ERP solution with project management capabilities offers the possibility of tracking time and costs for all production resources as well as other non-production related resources like engineering or communication with the customer. As architectural millwork projects rarely are just about production, but often cover other components such as buying additional materials, the tracking possibility is crucial in order to allocate the right costs to a project and to avoid any surprises when the time comes for final invoice.

2020 solutions for the Architectural Millwork industry

2020 Insight is known for its powerful ERP solutions for the furniture industry. Now the robust solution has added capabilities allowing Architectural Millwork companies to manage bidding through to installation in one system. With the Project Bidding Module, files can be imported and a pre-Bill of Materials (BOM) generated with accurate pricing. Easily make and track all change requests and, when ready, convert it into a sale to start the project. Also new is the feature to schedule billing according to the Schedule of Values as defined by the project to make invoicing simple.

Project managers will sleep easy knowing the installation service application provides information at everyone’s fingertips. Manage the project from anywhere—plan resources, check assembly instructions, ensure customer special requests are communicated, or reclaim a damaged part easily.

There is an unmet need in today’s commercial project industry. Woodworkers are looking for solutions that incorporate all their processes together to reduce the duplication of work, the opportunity for errors and provide total visibility in the planning, controlling and execution of their business. Take advantage of the new ERP solutions out there that provide the necessary project management functionalities required for today’s manufacturer. The value of having an integrated, flexible EPR solution will be of inestimable value to architectural woodworkers.

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