Top 5 Home Decor Color Trends

Top 5 Home Decor Color Trends 2022

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Home decor color trends 2022

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This year has seen an overwhelming trend towards green color palettes. Most major paint brands opted for a shade of green as their “color of the year” for 2022. This trend stems from an overall theme of incorporating nature and natural elements into the home. 

In’s recent Paint & Color Trends 2022 report, top experts shared what else would stand out as the top home decor color trends in 2022. Here we share some of their insights.

Warm neutrals

When asked which interior color palettes would prove most popular among homeowners this year, 66% of design industry professionals said warm neutral colors. These hues allow for homeowners to create a cozier and more welcoming feel. This is a step away from cold neutrals which were predicted to be most popular in 2020. This marks the continued shift away from gray tones, which only 5% believed would be popular this year.

Note: Warm neutrals and earth tones are especially big in kitchens this year. Read our Hottest Kitchen Design Trends 2022 for more.

Neutrals with pops of bold color

As homeowners seek to make the spaces they have spent so much of their time in recently more visually interesting, pops of bold color against the backdrop of neutral tones is a big trend in 2022. 52% of experts believe this will be one of the most popular color palettes this year. It allows homeowners to be experimental with vibrant colors, without committing to something that would overpower the overall decor.

Sage green

When it comes to discovering the most desired specific color for certain rooms, sage green will be a top home decor color trend in 2022. asked interior design experts which color would be the most popular in living rooms and bedrooms. Sage green received a majority of 56% votes for living rooms and 48% for bedrooms. Sage green is an example of an earthy tone, one of the top trends for interior color palettes this year. This green is a great way to create a relaxing feel for a room, which is what many homeowners want to achieve in living rooms and bedrooms.

Nature-inspired and chinoiserie wallpaper

Further added to the dominant nature theme in home decor color trends in 2022, green and nature-inspired wallpapers are said to be the most sought-after design patterns this year. A majority of 56% of interior design experts agree, whereas 28% said chinoiserie, which also often features nature. Wallpaper has grown in popularity gradually over the last few years, and 39% of experts say that it will be the most common way people will incorporate color into their home designs in 2022.

Black front doors

In complete contrast to lighter, bolder, and biophilic design elements, front door color bucks the trend. This is because front doors work as a way to complement the home’s overall color and architecture. 56% of design professionals believe that black is the best way to achieve this. White is the most popular siding color, and black functions as a dramatic, contrasting focal point. It also works well with almost all siding colors, hence its popularity.

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