2020 Insight: Asset Management

Monitoring and managing a business’s assets is an important task that can save money and time. Good management of machinery, equipment, tools and other assets will result in maximum returns for those items. Centralizing this operation into a single tool simplifies the job. Here’s what 2020 Insight Asset Management can do for you.
  • Provides centralized, organized location for all assets
  • Promotes economic stability and growth by reducing overall capital and operational expenditures related to your assets
  • Improves time management by organizing your portfolio and managing assets from multiple locations
  • Provides an opportunity to plan against financial, operational and legal risk
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Asset Management


Track and Maintain Assets 

Track and maintain assets 

Track and maintain assets and equipment across one or more plants. Measure and monitor the lifecycle cost of each piece of equipment.
Store General Asset Information

Store general asset information

In one place, store relevant pieces of information tied with the given asset, information like serial numbers, vendors, manuals and purchase and maintenance dates as well as a Note field.
Optimize Planning

Optimize planning

Connect maintenance and repair work with overall shop floor workflow to optimize best times to work on equipment based on production planning and scheduling.
Communicate Malfunctions / Repairs

Communicate malfunctions/repairs 

Automatically communicate malfunctions or required repairs at the point of use by using the architecture workflow to send an email when the status changes to malfunctioning.