2020 Insight: Panel Optimization Management

Increase productivity by optimizing materials, labor and machine capacity with 2020’s integrated, automated panel optimization. 2020 Insight’s optimization management tools provide a single, unified solution for both panel saws and nest-based routers.
  • Automate workflow around panel optimization to save time and ensure maximum panel yield
  • Optimize inventory with powerful remnant management capabilities
  • Run multiple optimization simulations for estimating purposes to improve costing accuracy
  • Integrate production and engineering data
  • Support multiple optimizers with same data
  • Support true-shape nesting
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Minimize waste and maximize yield

Panel Optimization Management



Optimization batch creations

Automatically create material optimization batches from production orders or on-demand during production. View, make changes, compare, and select optimal result before sending to the machines.

Remnant management

Track and reserve materials for production with seamless integration to 2020 Insight Inventory module. Use previously generated remnants and/or create new remnants with every optimization run.
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Formation editor

Expand your product offering with grain matching surfaces within and/or across multiple products.