2020 Insight: Sales Order Management

2020 Insight’s sales order management module is a complete sales order entry, management and tracking solution developed with the flexibility to meet your business needs.

  • Create sophisticated, automated pricing logic using multiple aspects and characteristics of products, features, options, customers and order data
  • Calculate rules-based commissions, special promotions and discounts
  • Group sales order into projects and manage customers based on flexible workflows
  • Access original bill of materials data for repair and warranty orders
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Customize your sales order workflow

2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution
Be innovative

Be innovative

Custom products can be configured at the sales desk and seamlessly turned into production work orders.

2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution

Improve customer satisfaction

Provide customer service with a complete view of sales orders throughout manufacturing. Order changes and updates are fast and simple.

2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution

Provide fast and accurate quotes

Automatically generate quotes using complex pricing rules involving multiple tiers of markup, discounts, taxes and fees.

2020 Insight enterprise manufacturing solution

Manage customer projects

Enhance customer service for your enterprise customers by grouping and managing multiple sales orders as projects to efficiently track and manage overall status.