2020 Insight: Shop Floor Execution

2020 Insight shop floor execution functionality provides the control you need to monitor and optimize your factory’s performance. Streamline your production workflow by coordinating activities and materials, delivering correct manufacturing information to the right people at the right time. Get a 360° view of production activity on any browser-enabled device in real-time from anywhere at any time.

What Sets 2020 Insight Shop Floor Execution Apart?

  • Browser-based shop floor functionality with easy-to-use visual interface
  • Generate routings, bills of material, material availability, worklists, labels, parts and product images and CNC programs
  • Scan and track production progress via barcode, RFID, QR code or keyboard for up-to-the -minute status updates, including purchase order receipts and inventory transactions
  • Provide information for each step of the assembly process in real-time
  • Manage re-work requests from the shop floor to coordinate processes efficiently
  • Record employee time by work order operation and track actual labor costs
  • Organize work orders for shipping with ability to create new boxes or pallets on-the-fly and add last minute packages from the shop floor
  • Manage shipment processes accurately and automatically generate back-order items and print or email shipping documents
  • Support efficiency methods such as LEAN, Demand-Pull and Synchronous Flow

Put your shop floor plans into motion

Shop Floor Execution



Improve communication to the shop floor

Improved communication on the shop floor and with your customer service team.

Manage in-process work orders

Increased productivity and efficiency of your factory.
Workflow data

Collect workflow data

Improved visibility and control for decision-making with real-time data collection.
Shop floor

Improve production efficiency

Flexible automation to match your business environment, manufacturing principles and constraints.