2020 Insight: Business Intelligence

2020 Insight is a database of facts about your business. Our Business Intelligence (BI) module is a tool set that allows you to analyze those facts and turn them into knowledge. Make better business decisions by turning the richness of the 2020 Insight database into actionable intelligence.
  • Extract and analyze business data with standard analysis cubes in 2020 Insight
  • Graphically visualize key business metrics in real-time with unlimited, user-defined dashboards
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Report on performance

See transactional data like order backlog, quality defects and capacity constraints in a more intuitive way.

Spot trends and opportunities

Use current and accurate data to create helpful graphs of key performance results.
Access information

Access timely and accurate information

Management and operations staff can all share a common view of historical and real-time performance to drive better operational results.
Right details

Find the right details

Use transactional data to build up a view of your business that includes historical and real-time details. Navigate through the information to understand your business like never before.