2020 Insight: Product and Process Management

2020 Insight allows you to set up and maintain product data— including technical specifications, manufacturing instructions and material requirements. Configure your business processes and then track all production activities with real-time visibility throughout a product’s lifecycle.
  • Create catalogs by grouping products, options and price lists for different sales channels
  • Advanced bill of materials processing engine supports highly-flexible products
  • Maintain manufacturing process data, including work centers, operations and routings
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Configure your products, and your workflow

2020 Insight Product Process Management Diagram


New product lines

Launch new product lines

Catalogs can be created quickly and easily by grouping products and their configurations into offerings that are specific to customers or market channels.
Manufacturing data

Develop manufacturing data for standard and custom products

2020 Insight’s unique approach to data modeling creates bills of material, routings, manufacturing instructions, CNC code and material demand, automatically.
Product options

Offer more product options

Product definitions are stored as configuration parameters that can be adjusted to accelerate time-to-market for new products, allowing you to meet new market requirements in hours instead of weeks or months.
Benefits workflow

Implement your business rules

Manufacturing processes are centrally defined and managed by 2020 Insight for consistent execution.