2020 Insight: Point of Sale Order Process Integration

2020 Insight allows manufacturers to import and process sales orders from their customers directly into the manufacturing solution. Using a variety of industry-standard formats, including 2020 Design, 2020 Fusion and 2020 Worksheet, customers electronically send in orders via EDI, email or Web Services.
  • Create “clean orders” every time
  • Remove tedious data entry
  • Use industry-standard data formats and tools to communicate orders

Import orders directly from your customers



Improve Communication

Improve communication

Define important order status milestones and communicate with your customers when it’s important within your operational workflow. Attach design files and other documents to the order.
Reduce errors

Reduce errors

Take advantage of real-time information processing and delivery from order capture to order fulfillment to validate orders. Rich, accurate order data combined with real-time order visibility assists you in receiving clean orders before sending them into production.
Easy to use

Ease of use

2020 Insight’s flexibility allows you to use your existing system of communication to receive your orders and then adds our industry-leading product configuration and order management capabilities to provide a robust, flexible and faster system to implement and maintain.
Save time

Save time

No more re-keying customers’ orders into your system. Import them electronically using industry-standard tools.