2020 Insight: Multi-Plant Extension

2020 Insight allows you to manage multiple plants from a single database. Using the Master Scheduling form, schedule all locations and then route production through multiple plants. The ability to manage inventory and purchasing centrally or by location provides you with critical visibility and control, reducing redundant manufacturing capabilities and manual production tracking.
  • Schedule and supply parts from one plant to another
  • Manage inventory and purchasing centrally or by location
  • Route production on-demand or via business rules
  • Visualize and adjust schedule against defined capacities
Multi-plant extension

Manage multiple facilities from one location

Multi-plan extension


Benefit balance

Balance workload across facilities

Balance workload between multiple facilities to accommodate a specific location's capabilities, alleviate capacity issues or recover machine downtime.
Manage supply

Manage supply of raw materials and parts

Deliver raw goods and components wherever and whenever you need them, even between plants.
Work orders

Create location-specific work orders

Generate location-specific work orders, instructions and CNC programs on the fly using automated business rules.

Get broad insights from one source

Use the master dashboard to truly understand and schedule all of your plants for today and the future. React quickly to changes to the plan.