2020 Insight: Project Management

Project management is one of the decisive factors that determines the success or failure of projects. 2020 Insight project management helps you manage your customer projects professionally. With clear presentations, automated project plan updates and project-related assignment options, you save time and always have full visibility at all times of the project.
  • Simple and quick project planning
  • Clear Gantt charts to identify bottlenecks and productivity opportunities
  • Automated updating of the project plan based on the task status
  • Project-related offer, production and invoice management
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2020 Insight Project Management



Gain resources

Save time planning and managing projects. In this way, you can generate resources for process optimization or the implementation of more projects.

Increase responsiveness

Recognize project challenges as they arise so that you can take countermeasures at an early stage.
Access information

Increase customer and partner satisfaction

Your partners and customers will be enthusiastic about your ability to provide detailed information at a moment’s notice.
Right details

Project excellence for internal and external projects

Use the project management functionality to optimize not only your customer projects but your own your internal projects as well.