Updated Trendway Catalog Available for 2020 Cap and 2020 Giza

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It’s not rocket science…we’re working differently these days. That’s easy to see. A personal computer used to be the size of an ottoman, now you carry it in your pocket.


We went from “my” 10×10 office to 8×8 (even 6×6) and now the walls are coming down and we’re collaborating in “our” space. At the same time, people are claiming their right to a quiet spot when they need it. Office professionals were once tied to a desk, now they may only touch down. And we’ve gone from an 8-hour “work” day to a 24/7 continuum of life: work, play and home.

Companies are trying to attract and keep the best of talent. People want to work in a place that makes them feel good, has some comforts of home, moments of fun, and everything they need when it’s time to put their head down and crank it out.

Trendway has the elements you need to meet the demands of a workplace that is changing – and will continue to change, faster than ever. Work. Home. Play. It’s here.


Have a vision in mind that you can’t quite put into words? Show them! Create high-quality visualizations using TRENDWAY products within 2020 Visual Impression. Capture® System work environments and Volo®Wall systems from TRENDWAY are fully automated in 2020 Cap Builder and 2020 Giza Panel Builder. Complex wall and panel systems are now simple to design and easy to sell.

Install your 2020 Commercial catalog discs or download the catalog from 2020.net and begin designing with TRENDWAY today!

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