[Free eBook] How to Start an Interior Design Business​

You've gotten your interior design degree or certificate and you're ready to launch your own business—great! Starting a business can be challenging no matter what your industry, but interior design is especially tricky since there is a lot of competition on the market.​

Don't be discouraged, however. If you do your research and get organized, you'll be able to kickstart your interior design business in no time. It will be a slow climb at first, and you might have to work longer hours than you expected, but it should all pay off in the end.​

This eBook will offer a detailed overview on how to start your own interior design business.

It will include:​ ​

  • Services​
  • Business registration​
  • Professional website​
  • Digital portfolio​
  • Design rates​
  • Marketing​
  • Networking​
  • And more​...

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