Optimize Production with 2020 Insight’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Solution

Optimize production with 2020 Insight’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution

Today’s market pushes manufacturers to be ever more responsive to consumers, by offering flexible products and short lead times. In this environment, the digital transformation of manufacturing processes is a key to success in the furniture and cabinet industry. The goal is to establish a production workflow that is transparent, efficient and well organized.

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Read our eBook to learn how with 2020 Insight’s MES solution you can:
  • Plan, schedule, automate and optimize your production processes.
  • Record production data throughout the entire workflow and dynamically view production status, down to the part level, from anywhere at any time.
  • Digitize your entire production process.
  • Optimize your operation, helping you achieve maximum productivity and transparency throughout the whole manufacturing process.
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