[eBook]  Kitchen design principles to create functional & beautiful spaces

There are three main kitchen design principles that designers generally follow, whether knowingly or by instinct. These include the kitchen work zones, the work triangle, and visual balance.

These three principles help create harmonious, functional and aesthetic kitchens, ones that clients appreciate not only for their beauty, but for simplifying and streamlining tasks performed in a kitchen.

Our eBook gives you an in-depth look at the benefits of each of these principles so you can apply them when designing your next kitchen.

What is covered in this eBook?
  • The main kitchen work zones, including food storage and prep, cooking, cleaning and waste, and serving
  • The purpose of a kitchen work triangle
  • Ideal measurements and distances
  • Focal points
  • Scale and proportion
  • And more
[eBook] Kitchen Design Principles to Create Functional & Beautiful Spaces