Kitchen and Bathroom Design Podcast

Podcast series: The Kitchen and Bathroom Industry

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kitchen and bathroom design Podcast

Exclusive to 2020 Design Live

The kitchen and bathroom industry is ever-changing with new products, trends and consumer buying patterns shaping the direction of the industry. This podcast series discusses the industry from multiple perspectives, including insights from kitchen and bathroom design experts and from some of your favourite manufacturers. Listen in and see where the industry is heading.
Industry Insights from Kitchen and Bathroom Design Experts
Presented by: Vanessa DeKoekkoek, 2020 & Guests
Explore our in-depth panel discussion with design experts from the industry focusing on tips, tricks and best practices to build a stronger business in this economy. This podcast features Colin O’Neill, Justine Marie and Amanda Licce.
The Future of the Kitchen and Bath Industry
Presented by: Ken Short, 2020 & Guests
Discover upcoming product trends, learn about different consumer purchasing behaviour and see what the future holds for the industry. The panel discussion features Sharp Electronics, Custom Wood Products and Signature Kitchen Suite.

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