Case Study: King Contracting

King Contracting Closes More Sales with 2020 Design Live’s 3D Renderings

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King Contracting closes0%of sales after showcasing 3D renderings to clients during first meeting. As a design-build firm, I am constantly striving to provide the best service I can to my clients. 2020 Design Live helps us be our best right up front!Doug KingKing Contracting Realistic Rendering Background King Contracting is …

Case Study 2020 Ideal Spaces Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin Russia Uses 2020 Ideal Spaces to Inspire Clients and Grow Sales

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Leroy Merlin Russia reports that more than 60,000 consumer design projects are created online every month using 2020 Ideal Spaces. I think what we’ve built for the kitchen in the last two years is really proof that 2020 Ideal Spaces is a very, very good solution for project sales at …

Case Study - Kimiko Designs

2020 Cap Facilitates Communication With Clients and Streamlines Processes at Kimiko Designs

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Kimiko Designs grew their business0xwithin the first 10 years of using 2020 Cap. We have worked with 2020 Cap every day for the last 20 years to create drawings and specifications that have helped our dealers win more than $500 million in business.Kimiko Designs Challenges Remote workFostering relationshipsAccuracyEfficiency Solutions Better …

Case Study – The Panelling Centre

The Panelling Centre Overcomes Pandemic Challenges with 2020 Fusion

2020 Spaces 2020 Fusion, 2020 Fusion Live, Case Study, Customer Stories

Designers are able to collaborate with customers, finalise projects remotely, and provide immersive 3D walkthroughs with 2020 Fusion. I have been using 2020 Fusion for over 15 years. The simplicity of the product provides me with the flexibility, innovation and time to finalise projects quickly and accurately, while showcasing my …

Case Study – Handmade Cabinets LLC

Handmade Cabinets LLC uses 2020 Design Live to Grow Business

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Handmade Cabinets LLC's sales are0xhigher since using 2020 Design Live What a change in my life and business! This is the first year we have had 2020 Design Live, and so far, our sales are 4X higher than the whole of last year. When I look back, I just think …